This article explains my take on a design brief I was given as my takeaway assignment for the role of a UI/UX Designer.

You have full right to choose not to trust me when I say I designed this app/concept before I had any clue about Clubhouse. I hail from India and being an Android user for almost three years now, even though Clubhouse was around when I was asked to do this exercise, I had no clue what it was, how it operated, or what are its features. I didn’t even see the glimpses of the same. At the…

Tracking the circulation of newspapers across States and Union Territories of India

A changing world

With the pandemic weighing the world down, affecting every field that is there, college and studies in India could not avoid the hit. I was supposed to be in my third semester by July-ish, information design from the National Institute of Design but the semester commencement was pushed back without any further notice. To make do with this indefinite, uncalled ‘break’ (at the risk of sounding offensive), I decided to hone my skills at information visualization tools (D3.js, Tableau, etc.) so I can be ready when the semester kicks in with full steam.

Cut to September and the pandemic in…

Following a legacy of turning everyday activities into data art

Final print layout of my data viz on tracking reading lists

I started from a fairly traditional technology and engineering background, nothing particularly head-turning. However, I have recently ventured into the world of design, by way of a Masters Program at the National Institute of Design in India. Both of my backgrounds ask for copious amounts of research and reading in order to stay up to date with highly competitive and ever growing fields of study. All that inherent need for staying on top of literature in my academic life, paired with my undying love for fiction, specifically thrillers (thanks to Agatha Christie and J.K. …

Information/Data visualization is much awaited topic for one who’s studying Information Design at NID (Bengaluru). After a wait of one full semester and a couple of weeks into second one, we were asked to do a data visualization on a topic of choice.

Coincidentally, for me, I was starting to develop an interest in writing postcard to far-away friends and read about stamps. After a week full of failed attempts at digging for a gold-mine of a topic, It dawned upon me that, Hey, why not visualize Stamps, Indian Stamps at that. …


Information Design student at National Institute of Design. Backend and Python/JS developer.

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